July 26, 2003

I Had Good Intentions

As a favor to a friend's company, I agreed to make a few quick edits to their website. What do you know? Qwest has some sort of block on their /htdocs directory so that uploaded files are not immediately published. So, I've been sitting on hold for 30+ minutes listening to upbeat jazz. I keep telling myself that it could be worse. It could be musac.

So, while I laugh at the lame situation I'm in, I'm reminded that while I do miss many things about my former employment, holding for a technical support monkey, and then dealing with the inevitable abuse that the monkey will deal out in order to make up for its technical ineptitude is not one of them. And yes, I'm aware that some technical support people are not monkeys. But, statistically speaking...

Perhaps the memory of sitting on hold right now and whatever ridiculousness ensues will serve me well when I'm dealing with the equivalent annoyances that law school will undoubtedly bring.

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