July 7, 2003

Making a Bad Impression

So far today, I've:

a) Walked into a training session held by one of the very senior partners after he had started presenting. Even though I was fairly certain that I was 3 minutes early, I was, by all counts, late. At least I had on a suit.

b) Miscalculated not one, but two, simple math estimates during the training and gave not one, but two, incorrect answers out loud because I never get mental math wrong. Raaaiiighhht, except on Mondays. In the morning. In front of a senior partner. When I got the first one wrong, he actually said, "Come on guys," and looked at me as if to say, "If you don't know how to do the math, then keep your mouth shut." Oh. Right. Except I didn't.

c) Either, misplaced, or had an assignment taken away from me while I was away on vacation. I'm leaning towards misplaced, which is awesome. I have one last place to look, where I may have left it at home. If it's not there then I'd better pray that either the partner or his assistant came and removed it from my desk on Thursday because it is nowhere to be found in my office. Of course, neither of them are in today, so there's no way to verify whether they actually removed it. In fact, there's no way to verify whether the file wrapper and prosecution history that I requested have been ordered and or arrived. And the assignment is due back to the client (not the partner) in the next couple of days.

d) (Yesterday) Been informed that it's not Justice SKAL-i-ya, it's Justice Scal-I-ya. Silly me, I never thought about it while I was saying it, but I guess my mouth figured it would be prounounced like "figlia" or "Italia". I'm still not convinced that the mainstream pronunciation is correct (just like most of the latin used in law gets butchered), but I suppose that until Antonin himself tells me otherwise, I might as well go along with the majority. Just another thing to add to the idiot bucket (where my mathematical mistakes, ass-SIGN-ee, and APP-el-late are hanging out).

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