July 23, 2003

Didn't Quite Make It...

I was doing a good job of keeping my work hours confined to the MF8-6 cage. Unfortunately, the end of my summer is approaching quickly and I have a petition to make special with a ridiculously long search report, several documents to produce for litigation, a deposition to attend, a HUGE office action, and if I finish all of that, a simple patent application they'd like me to squeeze in.

I do not have enough work days to finish. I've stopped accepting work, which is a good start, but I think I'm already in way over my head even if I give the patent application back. So, I'll be working late on Friday or over the weekend, or both. Oh well, I suppose one weekend out of several months isn't too bad.

Oh... and my alarm decided not to ring this AM (it's from 1984, time to replace, I suppose) so I woke, blissfully rested, at 10:34. Those lost hours are not helping my weekend schedule one bit.

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