July 21, 2003

Tech update

I've been slacking on posting tech stuff--I'm slammed with work. This attempt may look very familiar for those of you who spend time on slashdot.

DirecTV is suing everyone they can find who bought a smart-card programmer. The first class-action defense was lost and the members of the class were saddled with huge legal fees. RAD.

The House voted to block the FCC media consolidation rule. Should be interesting to see how this goes. Also should be interesting to see Lessig's take on it now that he's back and Dean's done blogging for him.

Looks like the search wars will be played out, at least partially, in court. Over patents. How does a self-respecting technophile who also happens to contribute to the body of software patents feel about this? Don't know. Still formulating my thoughts. The system is broken, most certainly. So broken that it does no good? Of course not. How do you reconcile these truths?

And lastly, to soothe my troubled soul, I think I'll try to get an interview with these guys at some point in my law school career.

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