July 15, 2003

The Good, the Funny, and the Wierd

The Good:

Wired is reporting that the Senate's 2004 version of the defense appropriations bill contains a clause that forbids any funds for Terrorism/Total Information Awareness.

The Funny:

Despite the resignation of the Junior Minister of Tourism, Stefano Stefani, the Germans are still picking fights with Italy. In other words, it's back on.

The Weird:

Calblog has lots to say about Arnold. After reading a few of his speeches, I agree with the Today's article in the Sacramento Bee--He does have a good story, as well as experience in real estate, show business, sports, government and the California Proposition System (broken as it may be). If he runs, he'll be a powerful candidate. Up until yesterday, I didn't doubt that he'd probably win for governor if he ran in one of the next few races, but I wasn't particularly excited about it. I was almost embarrassed--wacky California with their terminator governor. But, thanks to Calblog and reading more of Mr. Schwarzenegger's speeches, I'm actually refreshed at the idea of his entry into California Politics. Yup, that's weird.

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