June 30, 2003

Tech Update

Infoworld has an interesting article about the Supreme Court's refusal to grant cert. on a case regarding a CAD software patent and EULA dispute. The patent issue doesn't appear to be a big deal, but Infoworld claims this case may open the door for enforcing EULAs for breach of contract.

The Bowers case is an example of a good plaintiff -- in this case, an independent software developer going up against a bigger company -- not contributing to good law, she added. "This guy's got to be the most sympathetic plaintiff in the world," Copenhaver said. "This is the kind of guy you really want to protect."

The Register has an article disagreeing with my assessment that Software business interests don't appear to hold as much clout in the EU as media corporations do in the US. Should be interesting to see what happens come September 30.

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