June 4, 2003

Still on the mend

For someone who prides themselves on a superb immune system (although my doctor pointed out that it could just be a superb tolerance for pain and my stubborness) getting over my current health issues is a serious drag. Obviously, I'm thankful that my health is otherwise fine and that these issues are transient. But, boy, there is nothing to make you appreciate just how good you have it than to suffer from pain, lingering infections, and fatigue (not to mention the restricted diet for a month) for two weeks plus. One particularly interesting side effect is that any image issues I may have been heading towards have been completely eradicated. Yup, I probably have gained a few pounds over the last few years. Yup, I probably would look better if I lost them and increased my muscle tone. But do I feel bad about how I look? Hell no! When my current health issues are completely gone (I had a slight taste of freedom yesterday but a relapse this AM) I will be elated with my returned health and VERY comfortable in my skin.

It's sad that I had to get sick to be reminded of just how silly our societal fixation on appearance is. It's also sad that despite what I'd like to think, I'm not immune from societal pressures. I probably have it better off than most in terms of exposure to societal pressures, but I've still got some minute issues. How much worse is it for the attractive teenage TV-a-holic wanna-be model? Bummer

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