June 16, 2003

Funny Stuff for Monday

I laughed so hard at what was probably Jeff Goldblum's big break... a 2 second speaking part in Annie Hall, (Whining into a huge white phone in the middle of a very L.A. party) "I forgot my mantra."

My apologies to the person who followed the best Google referral so far: "poker mistress tongue." No doubt they were quite disappointed.

And, in the champagne category... I finally have an inbound link, according to technorati. Wierd that Blogger's changes.xml doesn't take template edits into consideration. I'd imagine that the best algorithm would be one that ranks template links higher than in-line links. But, what do I know? Anyways, thanks to Bag and Baggage for the link. It's great to finally be somebody.

Back to work--navigating corporate phone systems in order to harass engineers for details and the every-quarter-hour-walk down the hall to see if the partner that I'm working for is free (hint--statistics say no) to go over my latest stuff.

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