June 13, 2003

Almost Google Whack

Google hit of the day: "cardio soup".

I thought it was a google whack, but apparently two words in quotes don't count. Huh...Cardio soup? One can only imagine.

In other news, I went to a long leisurely lunch with a friend this afternoon to celebrate the fact that she is halfway through her M.S. in Mechanical Engineering. I took surface streets instead of one of the many freeways between me and the restaurant. Big mistake. If I ran the world, many more street lights would be timed. Thankfully, D is an amazing girl of infinite patience and when I did arrive, she merely commented on how happy she was to bask in the sun.

We were seated in one of the dining rooms of PF Chang's and proceeded to enjoy our meal. Something wasn't quite right, but I wasn't certain what it was. The decor was not offensive. The staff was competent. The food was excellent. Oh, right, we were SHOUTING at each other. As soon as I realized just how bad the accoustics were, every noise increased my awareness. A fork lightly dropped on a plate was magnified into a loud bell. Each chair scoot was a tractor plowing. When I commented on the horrid accoustics to D, she laughed and said, "Yeah. You know, I've worked at work sites that were quieter than this but were required to make employees to wear ear-plugs due to the noise level." Poor Friday lunch servers, they will probably suffer hearing loss. I left a big tip. I also won't be going back there. Except maybe for take-out and then off to the park.

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