June 17, 2003


Today was a gorgeous day. I had 3 reference patents, an application, and an office action to read and highlight in prep for making a response. I also had a headache. I packed up my bag and left for home at 2:30. The receptionist asked if I was coming back and I said, "Nope."

Ibuprofen, sun, all my reading is done, plus a little yoga and my headache is gone. I'm also done with the work earlier than I would have been if I had tried to finish it in the office since I undoubtedly would have distracted myself with something online. That's one good thing about working in the sun. Not much else to do if you only bring your water and your reading material.

The experiment is this--will anyone other than the receptionist
A) notice or be informed that I took off?
B) care?
C) request that I not do so again?
D) none of the above?

I think it's a useful test. If they go for D, it's just another point in their favor. A-C I'll explain my way through, it's not like I accomplished anything less than I would had I stayed. I suspect that it will be D, but only because my Supervising Attorney is out today and its unlikely that any of the others stopped by to give me work. Unfortunately, the life of a summer associate is not usually so relaxed. In general, it is my job to be there when and if they need me. I deal so poorly with this notion...control freak that I am...this summer is a learning experience in more ways than one.

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