June 30, 2003

Manic Monday

Did you know that the Bangles are still alive and kicking?

I'm tired. Stupidly, I didn't go to bed as early as I should have last night. I'm paying for it today. Oh well, what else is new?

Bag and Baggage informed me of the 78 page Intel V. Hamadi decision. I'll probably print it and add it to the half-read pile containing Gratz and Grutter.

The hilarity of the fact that I'm behind on my pleasure case reading is not escaping me. We'll call it prep for law school.

Thankfully, I have a two long flights to the East Coast and a few days of unplanned time during my Fourth of July trip. Ahhh...blissful reading time. Maybe I'll make myself finish the cases before I immerse myself in my other books. Nah...I'll probably just go straight into Jefferson's Writings, and take breaks from it to continue my treks through the bite sized chunks of fun in the Science Fiction Short Story Anthology (that R lent me over 6 months ago), and Metamagical Themas.

The cases will be good for when I'm killing time at work. Which, by the way, is not right now. Enough with the blog.

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