June 10, 2003

On Hold

So, despite several rave reviews of the sound quality of the Zaurus mp3 player, mine has a barely audible stream of sound that is unable to be altered from the volume panel. Everything else seems to work just fine (address book, calendar, to-do list, etc.)

I called the support line for Zaurus. Navigated the phone system. 24 minutes on hold, and then the system hung up on me. Okay, I can deal with this... I called back. Pressed zero for an operator and asked to be put through to Zaurus support. He did so, I went back into the horrible music hold loop and was hung up on after 14 mintues of waiting. I'm on hold number 3 right now, the system said I should be on hold for 9 minutes. It's been 10:46. I don't have much hope. But, I guess that's what speakerphone is for.

Back to work/hold.

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