June 15, 2003

Glorious Weekend Weather

Ahhh... sun. By Sunday morning I am already as relaxed as I usually am by Sunday night. The french decontracter is exactly how I relax. I start tightly wound, and over the course of hours of friends, food, wine, sun, sleep, reading, movies, and whatever else I do between Friday PM and Monday AM, I loosen. My muscles clench less. My stomach churns less. My head spins webs of thought-traps less. And eventually, I am completely un-contracted.

Over the course of Monday AM to Friday PM, with breaks in the evenings, I re-contract. And the cycle repeats. I suppose the ideal would be to attain a state of existence where I swung less on the pendulum. Perhaps one day...

I'm in an interesting place with regards to my summer associate gig. From other summers I talk to, it seems that I'm doing more work, I have more expected of me, and I'm having less fun/wining and dining than most. But then again, my situation isn't exactly normal. I think I prefer the way I'm doing it. I may be more stressed than the others, but I also think I'm getting a better idea of the real life of an associate at my firm than those in summer programs that cloister the summers into a cocoon world of splendor. Who knows. Maybe I'll try to get one of those gigs for at least one summer so that I, too, can enjoy the excess. But, from the stories I've heard, the more they wine and dine you, the more likely they are to work you to death if you sign on after your JD.

Given how great I feel today, I am concerned that school or future work may not allow me my 2/7 of the week recovery. I suppose, like everything else, that problem will resolve itself in its own time.

Today, I'm just relaxing.

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